A day in the life of.. Alexi Gunner

As one of the newest members of the Tonic Insight team, Alexi gives some insight into how he is finding his new role as Account Executive...

So, what does a typical day in the life of an Account Executive at Tonic Insight look like? Because this agency works with a variety of clients and utilizes a great range of research techniques, no two days look the same; the days here are as varied as the projects we work on!

Highlights of this job so far include studying commuting habits, canvassing Northern-Englanders sense of belonging, and analyzing the emotional connection of lower league football fans to their teams.

Another interesting experience was the evenings spent carrying out major beer brand focus groups with the rest of the team. Sitting in a room with a handful of young and exuberant men and talking about their drinking habits was as insightful for me, as it was surreal for them.

I am half Swedish, half English, and market research is the perfect way for me to apply my knowledge of Scandinavian languages to an unquenchable curiosity about the world. In between research around football, beer and train journeys, I'm currently busy setting up a long-term online community of respondents in Denmark and Sweden in order to research agricultural practices among farmers.

Not bound by subject or technique, Tonic has provided me with an opportunity to experience the full spectrum of market research, from working on long-term projects, to one that required a 48-hour turnaround! I have already received exposure to online community projects, as well as experiencing real world focus groups, with clients ranging from a drinks brand to an agricultural giant; from Mexican food to an advertising agency.

This varied work also means that Tonic is filled with individuals from all walks of life, all terribly bright and each with their own unique strengths and interests. Some are champions at moderating focus groups- no matter how tricky- whilst others are online community experts. Some are passionate about retail, some have a love affair with youth culture.

Therefore, equally important as the great projects I have worked on so far, has been the time I have spent soaking up advice from the team like a sponge, studiously observing how they work. From the empathy required to moderate discussions with respondents, to the analytical brain power used to distill qualitative data into actionable insight, the role has forced me to utilize a wide variety of skills and helped me to develop a truly agile mind-set. That is perhaps the best part of this job so far.

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