Do you know your customers' journeys?

We’re sure those of you who saw the recent research that suggested "companies and agencies have no better an understanding of customers’ journeys than they did in 2011"(1) were as surprised by this finding as we were – they certainly can’t have been speaking to many Tonic clients!

We know that today’s consumer journeys are increasingly complex and we know that consumers are faced with an overwhelming range of channels but we see this as an opportunity, not a problem.

Whether we’re working through an online community or in person, our award-winning journey-mapping technique, Snakes & Ladders, doesn’t care if the journey is digital, offline or both, it doesn’t care if there’s 1 device or 10, and it doesn’t care how many stakeholders need answers. It creates rich, impactful output, which acts as focal point that everyone across different teams and departments can use to improve any customer journey.

If you’re one of the 62% who claim not to understand their customers' journeys then get in touch, we’d love to help!

The Tonic Team

(1). (ResponseTap, 2015)

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