Industry insight interview - bespoke online communities

UK Managing Director, Anna Dunn, recently sat down with marketing & creative industry website Source LF to talk about one of our main offerings, bespoke online communities!

In Pt. 1, Anna gives an overview of what bespoke online communities are and how they function. She also details what their purpose and benefit is, along with how they differ from traditional focus groups and how this delivers deeper insight.

In Pt. 2, Anna answers some more questions around online communities; 'Are there any markets or demographics that wouldn't suit bespoke online communities?' and 'What do bespoke online communities mean for your clients in terms of budget and ROI?'

We are always excited to talk about our online communities and how they benefit brands! Whether a short or long term community, we believe that a bespoke design that is tailored to the project or business question, is the first of the crucial steps to delivering impactful and effective output. This, followed by the carefully planned activities, tasks and question design. Which are then coupled with engagement exercises to retain active and enthusiastic respondents are the recipe to successful and meaningful insight.

If you have any questions or want to know more please email us at

Anna Dunn is the Managing Director of Tonic Insight in the UK. Prior to joining Tonic, Anna has worked for some notable market research agencies including Mesh Experience, Hall & Partners and Millward Brown, as well as working directly with brands such as Britvic.

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