Life Begins At...

Life Begins At...

Are online communities only for digital natives? We think otherwise. Here at Tonic, we wanted to explore the trials and tribulations of the often overlooked demographic; 40-60 year olds.

We wanted to explore the sensitive and contentious topics of personal finances, health and wellbeing, relationships and sex, whilst exploring how brands can best engage this audience.

We also sought to demonstrate how fantastic Tonic Communities are at uncovering rich insight from people of all ages and on topics that traditional qual research techniques can sometimes struggle with.

So we set about running a month long online community of around 200 people in the UK and US, in which we sparked debates and set creative exercises with the mission of co-creating a magazine aimed at the age group.

Our Life Begins at Magazine is the end product of this online research.

We'd love to hear what you think!

Tonic Team

Download the full magazine here

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