The journey goes on...

We are proud to work with the best and most innovative companies in the world today. They span from multi-national banks and global corporations to local retailers and non-profit organizations.

What we find invigorating, is our clients desire to always understand at a deeper and more personable level - the consumer (however they might be viewed).

Here's what our wonderful client Natasha Oram, Director of Acquisition Marketing at Virgin Media, had to say about our last project;

“The research conducted in 2012 played a critical role in shaping our understanding of the market and our consumer. The insights from the research have had far-reaching effects, with key impacts on marketing communications and strategy as well as our sales channel approach.”

We are proud to be working with Virgin Media and to have a Tonic Journeys project now in full swing. Our clients understand that the market landscape is becoming increasingly competitive and the consumer journey and myriad of touch-points becoming ever more complex, now is the perfect time for us to help Virgin Media deliver the best value to their customers thorough the most compelling propositions and marketing strategies.

To find out more about our award-winning methodology click here.

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